Summer Fun

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My husband just finished up work on the spaceship in our backyard. It is a piece of plywood cut loosely in the shape of a spaceship, painted bright colors as directed by our children, and propped up with support beams. Old equipment from my dad’s boat have been attached to the plane side as a control panels. Sticking out perpendicular to the spaceship are some beams to make a frame, into which many holes have been drilled and hooks screwed. We have long bolts and nuts that can fit into the holes, and some extra pieces of wood with holes to match. I’m going to encourage the kids to decorate the different pieces of wood that they can join on or remove at will. Hooks hold pulleys, ropes and little clips. I’m hoping the kids can make up lots of stories with it, as well as practice using the different tools. At some point too, I plan on pulling out the simple spring scale I bought and seeing if they’ll help measure how the different pulleys reduce the force needed to lift things. But that wasn’t for tonight. We’ll do that sometime later. 

Since my husband was outside with the drill, I had him put a few hooks into the clothes line pole too, so that when the kids are bored with the pulleys on the spaceship I can borrow a couple and use them to hoist flags up the clothesline. I have some scrap material in the basement and will see if the kids will help me make some flags. Maybe we’ll attach some flags to sticks to use and them as signals.
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