School supplies for Christmas?

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“Poor kids,” one of my brothers said to me on the phone, “they get a whole semester’s worth of schoolwork as Christmas gifts.”School Supplies for Christmas

That wasn’t quite accurate. They didn’t get a whole semester’s worth of schoolwork. In fact, they don’t realize they got any schoolwork for Christmas. Certainly I didn’t get them any schoolwork – unless you count the lego motors I’m hoping they’ll practice some engineering skills with. They also received some science books, a blanket with the periodic table, some lego gears, and a cookbook. I received a trilogy of Star Wars books rewritten in quasi-Shakespearean style and some books on logic and arguments. None of it is what I would call a full semester’s worth of schoolwork but they will definitely be part of the educational activities we do within the next few months. And of course the bigger thing is that they aren’t “poor kids” for having it. We’re all blessed to be able to have what we have. The holidays is a good time to get some new resources.

As a family obsessed with learning we’re likely to give and ask for educational gifts without trying. We want to learn. We want to build, create, and surround ourselves with geeky things.

According to my kids, we don’t do science or history for school work very often. The key phrase there is “for schoolwork.” We do science and history all the time. My seven year old is sitting on the couch reading a science book as I type this. My ten year old is learning about gears for a lego project.

The holidays is also a good time to stop and revisit what we’re doing for schoolwork. I step back from normal routines and think about what is working or not working. I spend time house cleaning and in the process discover old things that might inspire new activities.

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