physical education for homeschooling

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I used to think my family wasn’t very into sports. Sure, the kids do curling and swimming, but we’ve never signed them up for a summer baseball or soccer league. For the most part I figured that the kids were always outside running about so I didn’t really worry about physical education.

physical education for homeschooling

I didn’t worry – until I signed them up for an eight week kids sports program. It was a great community program where the kids could do a different sport every week and what startled me was how clumsy my kids were with the balls. Even the basic stretches at the beginning seemed challenging for them. Suddenly it was apparent to me that just playing around outside wasn’t going to be enough.

Over the last few months I have been making a serious effort to teach my kids to play sports. We’ve discovered three different basketball courts at nearby parks. Two of them have very small platforms and the third has ripped up nets on the hoops where the balls sometimes get stuck, but my kids have learned to dribble and shoot. There are a couple of different parks with tennis courts and several fields we can play soccer in.

My kids still haven’t played hockey or baseball but I’m not really worried about that. They don’t need to learn every sport. They do need to know some.

My physical education goals for the kids:

– crabwalk
– push ups
– sit ups
– make big circles with one’s arms
– roll the neck
– jump rope
– use the monkey bars
– feel comfortable playing at least a couple of sports

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