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Live online classes can be plenty of fun.

One of the most popular places for them these days is Outschool, which is sort of the Uber of online classes. Outschool has hundreds of teachers who are private contractors, writing and listing their own classes. There is a convenience to having so many online classes all in one place, but there’s also a problem. As Outschool grows they get to set the rules and teachers become replaceable. So it might be worthwhile to check out these smaller locations.

Places with Multiple Teachers:

Gifted Conference Planners – specializing in classes for gifted learners with different teachers teaching science, creative writing, math, literature, and more.

ThinkersMeetUp – UK based organization teaching online classes. I am offering a class with them.

Athena’s Academy – huge selection of very well organized classes.

Online G3 – Classes for gifted and twice exceptional students.

SEA classes (Secular, Eclectic, Academic) – a new program.

Scattered Solutions

Royal Firework Press – math, history, philosophy, creative writing

Lukeion Project – Greek, Latin, and history

Well-Trained Mind Academy

Free Spirited Homeschool Outreach – math, science, history, language arts

Places with one or two teachers:

Epic Education Illawarra – classes from an Australian home educator.

Dayla Learnining – self paced and live language arts classes, particularly for the older grades.

Deadmarker Alchemist – Social activities and an online student newspaper.

Opportunity Unlocked – Engineering and science classes.

Write Back When – a creative writing program.

As You Like It Online Education – history and English classes

Coffee and Curriculum – math class based on Saxon Math, piano and voice

Warp and Weft History – history classes

Flexible schedule activities – no live classes.

Canadian Homeschooler Online Classes – Canadian geography and history, flexible schedule activities.

Online Classes for Groovy Kids – now just flexible schedule classes.

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