A Slap in the Face

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Brett Kavanaugh was right in saying that the whole investigation into him is a national disgrace. He’s wrong about why it is a national disgrace. It is a national disgrace that they didn’t abandon him long ago and find someone else. Surely there are other judges with similar political views they could have pushed instead. Surely there are other possibilities that don’t involve pushing a serial abuser onto the Supreme Court.

This feels like a slap in the face of all women.

People say “why didn’t she report earlier?” and then they demonstrate what happens when women report. Women get disbelieved. Their concerns get minimized. People say “oh, it was nothing” and “boys will be boys.” They say “he didn’t really rape her” or “she must be confused” or “why should this action ruin a boy’s life?” Do we really think they wouldn’t have said all that to her if she had reported him then, when she was a teenager? Sure they would have. They would have minimized it still. He might have had a slap on the wrist, but they would tell her she was lucky to get out and what was she doing at the party after all?

This whole situation is sick and disgusting, and Trump’s praise of how Kavanaugh handled testifying shows that angry white men like watching other angry white men assert that men should never be questioned.

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