The Just About Perfect Homeschool Day

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I did it! Just once, I had a perfect homeschooling day!A day in the life of a homeschooler? This was a better than average day for us.

It started out with both boys at the kitchen table AT THE SAME TIME. You don’t know how extraordinary this is for us. Normally I can wrangle one to do a bit of schoolwork in the morning, but both? The older one was working with a t-square, triangles and drawing board, doing something from his geometry text about fractions. The younger was working on place value exercises. The two year old was busy throwing the math tiles on the floor, but we won’t dwell on that too much.

Their assigned math was done quickly and they moved onto inventing math games. The older was basing his off of a Vi Hart video he had seen about fractals, but he wanted to use pyramids in his. Using graph paper he figured out a pattern based on two small triangles and one larger square, and a second pattern based on three small triangles met with three small squares. Then we were looking at it sideways and realized it could be expanded. The whole thing wasn’t based of a triangles, just squares cut diagonally. I so love hearing him say “I need more graph paper and tape!”Yet another reason to keep lots of graph paper in stock while homeschooling.

The second child was basing some of his math games off of computer games. When I was cleaning up the papers later I found circles with addition figures in it and a picture of a giant thumb about to touch the circles. I love his drawing, his creativity and his determined energy.

Then lo and behold after doing math, and having time to do their own math, the kids were both at the table at the same time yet again, for spelling. I gave them a short list of spelling words, getting the older child to sort his spelling words according to different ways of spelling the same sound.

Now a few days ago I told the kids I had ordered a pile of children’s fiction about medieval times and my older son looked at me and said that’s nice but he feels he knows enough about medieval times and he’d like to learn more about what happened after WWII, like who is the Kennedy he heard about recently and why was he assassinated? So okay, we’re reading about modern times though its a lot harder to find good kids books. (Any suggestions out there?) I pulled from the library a couple of books about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr, and bought a People magazine special about JFK. Today I fit the two together, reading them MLK’s “I have a dream” speech and then the section from the People magazine about JFK and the civil rights movement.

Later in the day the kids did some work on grammar too, from Michael Clay Thompson grammar program. We spent a few minutes finishing up a science project we had started last Friday relating to salinity of ice. My five year old read two chapters from Geronimo Stilton out loud to me and my almost three year old actually sat and listened interrupting occasionally to talk about things she head about in the story or saw in the pictures. Then later the children all played together. At several different intervals they played together. They don’t always do that. More often it seems like they’re busy trying to tear each other apart or bargain with each other for more computer time. Well, they still did do quite a bit of that bargaining. Apparently each is willing to put the other child’s name on a place of honor in a bulletin board in a minecraft game if the other child gives him his computer time, but neither is actually willing to part with computer time.

And that was about it. A normal day would probably also include them doing some piano and German practice, and my eight year old fighting me over my insistance that he does a little bit of writing each day. I didn’t insist, because I was just so thrilled with how much play and talking we did. It was a good day.

Some days aren’t good days. Some days there’s more arguing than I’d like to admit. Some days I give up and we don’t do any schoolwork. Some days we do tons of schoolwork but I wonder what the point of it is. And some days, like today, are just about perfect.


What are your perfect days like? How do they differ from normal ones?


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  • Brown's House of Chaos

    Congratulations of Making it through a day and being rather successful with the day of learning. I know it takes a lot of time and frankly is in the hands of the children on how much learning they chose to do and what they want to delve deeper into daily. You can get through the schedule but they dug deeper and deeper into the math and learned more than you expected of them and it was wonderful to hear and made me smile because I love it when my own do that as I look about my own dining room at the clutter of learning games, books and other things that could be called learning tools but are actually crayons, paper and toys ;-).

    Rosa Parks has a museum in Montgomery, Alabama. They may have some online exploration available. I highly recommend you go off and take a look at what you can find and see there. We have been through it twice because we are from there. It’s a phenomenal museum about the history of the civil rights movement. Our children (children of this generation) don’t usually understand the significance of the past and I think its important for them to understand it. To Kill a Mockingbird and the movie might be a good idea in the future.

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