Is the Conservative party hoping racist Canadians will put them back in power?

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Steven Harper has brought into his campaign a man known for promoting racism and fear of immigrants as a way of winning elections. I hope and pray that Canadians can prove this campaign manager unsuccessful. Let’s show him that we do not fear those who speak, act, look or pray differently than us. Let’s show Harper that we appreciate those Canadians and want-to-be Canadians who have come here from other places, and that we are ready to accept refugees in need of a place to live.

Over the next few weeks we are sure to hear a lot of myths and lies right now telling us we do need to fear people. Please everyone think critically and read carefully before forwarding on any of the myths.
Stephen Harper has shown himself willing to lie. He claimed that Canada was the top per-capita recipient of refugees. We are in fact the 41st. Meanwhile his plan to help Syrian refugees is not to increase the number of refugees we take in but simply to refuse to accept immigrants from other locations. We need to read very carefully. We need to think carefully about what type of Canada we want, and if we are really such cowards as to embrace the Conservative party’s constant references to terrorism (even suggestions from Conservative MPs that refugees are just terrorists in disguise) and the general racism that many of their candidates have shown. I don’t think that is who Canadians are. I think we can do better than that.

I feel so helpless right now… scared the voices of hatred and fear will win… hopeful that it won’t. Hope is greater than fear, right? I am grateful to all those working tirelessly to get out the vote this election.

You can read about Harper’s new advisor at Progress Press and at Ricochet. You can read about some of the Conservative candidate’s racist attitudes here, here and here.

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  • Pamela Mac Neil

    I don’t think this appeal to racism will work in Canada. It has worked before with his base, but not with the majority of Canadians, you know the ones he never communicates with, the ones he gives the finger to.

    • Christy Knockleby

      I’m really, really hoping it doesn’t work. In some ways, it feels like bringing in this one guy just upped the anti a bit. It is bad enough if Harper wins, but if he wins because of appealing to racism, that would be a whole ton worse, because it would mean really bad things about Canadians. I’m hoping this whole move will backfire for him.

      • Pamela Mac Neil

        It is a kind of test, to see who Canadians really are, isn’t it? Everyone has to get out and vote of course, but I’m also worried about how the Unfair election act will effect votes. We would be wrong to assume that Harper losing is a sure thing.

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