Donald Trump, corrupt CEO of America

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What Trump says reveals so much about him.

In the last presidential debate of 2020 Trump said that only those of low IQ would show up for their immigration hearings if not imprisoned. A study says that actually, 99% do. What Trump said doesn’t reflect the reality of migrants to the United States. It reflects Trump. He wouldn’t show up. He thinks those who willingly follow laws are stupid, because he doesn’t.

Trump has suggested that if Ethiopia doesn’t negotiate with Egypt on issues pertaining to a damn, that Egypt will just ‘blow up’ the dam. Again, this is Trump revealing who he is. This is what he’d like to do. This is his understanding or negotiation. Get what you want or blow the thing up.

Trump has said that if he wins re-election, he wants to fire the FBI and CIA directors. He doesn’t seem to understand he’s a president, not a CEO. He thinks everyone should do his orders.

I remember in 2016 when Trump was elected talking to a neighbour who said she was sure that Trump was just putting on a show at his rallies and that he would act more presidential once he got into office. I don’t think this has happened.

Trump has shown people who he is. I’m desperately hoping the American electorate is taking that seriously.

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