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Some guidelines regarding the main reasons people contact me:

Book Reviews:

I am willing to review books. Occasionally. The fast majority of requests sent to me I do not have time to respond to, nevermind review. My goal is to provide an interesting blog, not to sell books, so I try to stick to just reviewing books I think I can find something interesting to talk about. Just saying “its a good book” isn’t interesting. My accepting a copy of your book doesn’t guarantee you get featured here.

I am a harsh critic. If your book promotes ideas I don’t agree with I will say so, and I will explain on exactly why I don’t think other people should buy your book. Be warned.

Guest posts:

I wouldn’t mind guest posts, but they would have to be about topics that matter to me. If you want to write a blog post about any of the following topics, contact me and I might be willing to host it:

  • reviewing the ethics or contradictions within a child’s book.
  • talking about how homeschooling and social justice work fit together for you.
  • a math game or activity
  • questions connecting homeschooling and feminism.

Until I see the actual post, I cannot promise to publish it. I will not publish sales pitches. Guest blog posts have to be of a quality where I look at it and think “I wish I had written that.” I want to feel grateful to the guest blogger for the content.

I would be happy to do guest blog posts when my time permits and if my style of thinking would be a good match for your blog.

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