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Book Review: A Flight of Angels

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When you hear the word “angel” what do you find yourself thinking?

Guardian angel? Angel of death? Messengers of God? Fallen angels? Heavenly beings?

In the graphic novel A Flight of Angels the fate of an unconscious angel is in the hands of a young enslaved fawn. A variety of other magical creatures gather and share stories about who they believe angels are, before the angel’s fate is decided. It is a strange mix of stories, each representing something of the person who tells it and exploring one aspect of how people have envisioned angels.

Unfortunately the book has tons of unnecessary nudity, as one of the story tellers is a naked fairy-queen. It makes a book that could have been an interesting one to share with older children one that needs to be tucked away.

Still, I think about the interesting questions it brings up. One of the stories is a variation of the story of Adam and Eve. The fruit from the tree of good and evil allows them to make judgements and to want to do more with their lives. Other stories deal with the idea of half-angel creatures and fallen angels. One could draw comparisons between the comic and A Midsummer’s Night Dream, Canterbury Tales, and the mythology of the Book of Jubilees.

A Flight of Angels is conceived and illustrated by Rebecca Guay, but written with Holly Black, Louise Hawes, Alisa Kwitney, Todd Mitchell, and Bill Willingham. I wonder how they did the joint writing. Did each take one character’s part? Did they collaborate in a room together?

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