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Just when I think this election can’t get more disgusting, it gets more disgusting. Apparently the Conservatives want to take a tip from the Spanish Inquisition, when neighbours court report each other. (Did you know that during the Spanish Inquisition Christians of Muslim descent were required to leave their doors open on Thursday evenings and Friday mornings to prove to their neighbours that they weren’t bathing? Because you know, that was considered a ‪#‎barbaricculturalpractice‬.)

This isn’t about domestic violence. If Harper wanted he could announce more funding or domestic violence shelters and for programs for victims of domestic violence. But he’s not. He could be trying to promote education about domestic violence, but real information about abusers would interfere with his attempts to cast all Muslims as abusers. This is about racism, pure and simple. He wants one more way to try to convince people that anyone of a certain religion is dangerous, so that he can score electoral points. It is about trying to win the election by sinking as low as he can.

If your on twitter, check out the hashtag: ‪#‎BarbaricCulturalPractices‬

Some of the tweets are wonderfully light-hearted.

Some of the tweets point out the barbaricness of the Conservatives own policies:

Some of the tweets point out that there are a lot of very strange aspects to what, for lack of a better term, I’ll call WASP society.

The picture included in the above tweet is likely of girls in Bountiful BC, part of the FLDS that practice polygamous marriages, often involving younger girls married to older men. Surplus young men are driven from the community, and there have been cases of smuggling of girls down to the states to marry them off to elderly men there. Yet the picture itself shows happy girls in long dresses playing basketball. The whole thing does a good job I think of encapsulating the difficulties in judging cultures. Sometimes what appears cheerful and normal can mask great problems and sometimes even when there are problems the individuals involved don’t want outside interference. In the case of the FLDS perhaps the laws around statutory rape need to be enforced more and that brings up the point that there are laws already to protect women and children in abusive relationships. Perhaps there should be more support for those wanting to leave the FLDS community, but then it would be good to have more support for anyone leaving abusive relationships. When it comes down to it, what exactly about the FLDS could or should be reported?

There are of course already places people can call if they are worried about someone, and unfortunately immigrants are already targeted by those authorities and by the suspicious neighbours that report them. The last thing we need is a tip line to encourage people to spy on their neighbours or view immigrants with suspicion.

I noticed a few people make suggestions for what they think people could do if it does pass.

I’m still hoping we can block the Conservatives getting back into power. I’m still hoping the tip line won’t become a reality.

Please, do what you can to help get these Conservatives out of power. There are just 17 more days before the election. Can you spare $3? Donate to Friends of Public Service to help fund the printing of pamphlets in swing ridings. Or donate the Council of Canadian’s campaign to get out the youth vote. Can you spare some time? Volunteer with your local political candidates. We need to get the Conservatives out of power now!


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