a waiting room movie – the gift of imagination

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We went into a waiting room and sat down. After a while of playing with the toys, my five year old announced that she’s watching a movie and plops herself onto a chair opposite the receptionists desk. She stared intently at the receptionist while pretending to eat imaginary theatre snacks.

“This isn’t a kids movie,” she announced after a minute or two. Then she noticed a shadow as someone moves in front of a door in the inner office. “Wait,” she says, “I saw a shadow.”monarch on my fingers

She then proceeded to tell me, slowly, the story, as it took place in front of her. The two receptionists are pirates, trapped in a prison. When the receptionists looked at a filing system on the walls, she explained they were studying the bars. When the secretaries spoke together in French, they were plotting their escape. When someone came in to the room and a receptionist led the person to another room, she explained about how someone was rescuing one of the pirates. The secretaries return was a sign that the plot was foiled.

I didn’t know if I should be feeling embarrassed. Exactly how rude is it for a five year old to make other people’s activities into her game? I decided not to bother being embarrassed and focused my energy instead on the struggle to keep from laughing.

“I can’t wait for the good part mom,” she said. I wondered what the good part would be. She said it would be near the end.

When the person we were waiting for came to get us, my daughter announced it was the best part. By happy coincidence the secretaries were out of the room at the time, and she could say they had escaped their prison.

The movie was over. Time to go home.


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