Worldbuilding as a Homeschooling Project.

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I’ve been a pretty lazy homeschooler recently, busy with a temporary part-time job as well as getting ready my online classes, so I am unbelievably grateful that my kids have some awesome projects going. Today I want to share, with his permission, about my middle child’s project.

His project is worldbuilding. He’s got an imaginary world. He’s spent months now working on the language the dragons speak. It isn’t just a matter of a different alphabet or different words for all the same concepts we have. He’s thought about what kinds of concepts a dragon might develop. His word for a surface you write on is based on his word for mind and stone, since dragons would presumably carve on stone. You can read his blog post about his dragon language on his blog.

Then he spent a few days figuring out their units of measurement. He’s figured out the size of a vial, flask and cauldron for measuring liquids. He figured out how many vials worth of liquid various containers we have in the house could hold. (Hint: cheap flower vases work great for imaginary alchemist’s supplies.)

Now he’s working on their economy. He’s figuring out what he wants to be the relative price for food, shelter, clothing to be. He’s figured out how much money a person will have, on average, for food and trying to find out if his estimated clothing costs will allow the tailor to earn a living or not. We’re talking about how economists figure out the cost of living based on a basket of goods and services. We’ve looked at how the way Canadians have spent money has shifted over the last twenty years.


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