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Twitterstorm for an Emergency Homeless Shelter in Sudbury

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The Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty is leading a campaign for a new emergency homeless shelter. This is to fill the gap that was created when the Elgin Street Mission announced they would no longer be open all night during the winters.

S-CAP first wrote to the city, then disrupted city council on the 10th of December, then had a meeting with the community service committee on January 20th. On the 28th of January they again interrupted city council – this time with sleeping bags and signs. At first the mayor, Marianne Matichuk, attempted to continue the meeting speaking over the protestors. Then she called a recess and suggested the councilors retire to a different room (presumably while we were cleared out). One councilor got up briefly, but the rest stayed put and so the mayor took her seat again. After applause from the audience, the we left.

The next action is on social media. S-CAP is asking for people to tweet about the issue. Check out their page with suggested tweets:  The focus of the twitter storm will be around noon, but some people are already starting to tweet. There are lots of sample tweets on the s-cap page, but I’ll put one here for anyone in a rush. Please tweet:

 Anti-poverty group demands emergency homeless shelter. Time for @GreaterSudbury to listen. #Onpoli via @sudburycap

I’m going to be participating in this, so if you follow me on twitter, I apologize in advance for all the tweets! But I assure you, this is a good cause. There are a multitude of reasons why people end up either unable or unwilling to stay at the Salvation Army shelter, and they need a place where they can just drop-in, no questions asked, and keep from freezing in the snow. And while a twitter storm alone might seem like slactivism instead of activism, this one is backed up with action.

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