Tiger Temple

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Tiger Temple by Lars GuignardTiger Temple is the third book in the Zoe and Zak series by Lars Guignard. It is another magical adventure. The kids still have Doormat (their magic carpet), Striker (their magic whip) and some magical powers of their own. Even Zak gets magical powers this time! He’s the Creature Teacher with control of animals, but uh oh… they’re told his time is running out as Tiger stripes begin to form on his body. Can they solve the mystery in time?

My kids did start to get a little frustrated with the lack of explanation for why no one seems to notice the weird things going on in the book. Why aren’t people more concerned when a student doesn’t return to school? But they enjoyed the joking between Zoe and Zak, the crazy magical tools the kids aquire and the details such as the game of elephant polo. (The book has a little discussion of the ethics of the game, as the students are assured that the elephants at their school are not being forced into anything.)

I liked that the number of different places the book talks about. It starts out with the kids and their school delivering packages to Bhutan, so we climbed up the couch to the map on our living room wall and looked at where that is. Next stop is the Andaman islands, before the kids return to their school in the Himalayans. Later on they travel to Gangotri, the source of the Nile, and then down to the Sundarbians at the delta where they face man-eating tigers. Finally my kids had a reason to take a look at the old World Almanac Library book on the Ganges my husband had given them years ago.

I tried to look up video clips about the Andaman islands, hoping to find images of cottages over the marsh like described in the book. Instead I found a history video that explains both the origins of the name Andaman, from the monkey God Hanuman who pasted there on his way searching for Sita and the role the islands’ prison complex played in Indian history. Apparently the cellular jail there held many Indian freedom fighters before being closed, then reopened by the Japanese during WWII, and is currently a museum. None of this really has much to do with the Zak and Zoe book, but I love chasing connections…. one of life’s joys is finding new words to do google searches on.

Some other ideas for activities to go with the book are available at Jump Into A Book.

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