Terrorist Activities Sanctions Act – or how to pick a fight with Trudeau and put Ontario health care at risk?

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All citizens and permanent residents in Canada are entitled to health care, as set out by the Canada Health Care Act. Now the Conservative Provincial government in Ontario wants to pick a fight with Trudeau by having a bill tabled that would strip such rights away from the least desirable people – returning terrorists. In case people don’t realize this doesn’t really have to do with terrorists but rather with party politics and a hatred of Trudeau, the bill’s sponsor is quoted in all the media as saying: “Since the Federal Government doesn’t seem to take this seriously, I felt obligated to take action and send a message that there are consequences for leaving Ontario to commit indefensible crimes.” This is a provincial vs federal government game of chicken. It’s Doug Ford’s government trying to see if they can break federal laws without suffering consequences.
I think Canadians who commit crimes overseas should be held responsible, but I think that should be done by a court of law. One example that Canada has done that I’m pleased with is that Canadians who engage in sex with children overseas can be persecuted for it here, even if the sex was legal in the other country. Canada is trying to stop child sex tourism. I’ve been disappointed with Canada for not insisting our mining companies should uphold the same legal standards in other countries that they uphold in Canada. Canada does some things right, other things wrong. We need to work to improve our laws, but not through craziness like the conservative government’s attempt to get public support to break the Canada Health Care Act.
The punishment the federal government can do for provinces that fail to follow the Canada Health Care Act is to withhold funding for health care. It occurs to me that Doug Ford would probably enjoy that since it would help create a push for privatizing health care. I doubt this will go that far…. but who knows these days.
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