Lesson ideas using Superman comics

As a kid I enjoyed watching Lois and Clark, or at least the first two seasons of it, but I never actually read any Superman comics. It’s only been recently with my kids interested in superheroes that I’ve started to learn more about them. At first I was thrown by the discontinuity of the stories. I tried to link things together looking for a big storyline, until I suddenly realized that like Archie comics, there isn’t one. There are story lines, but not one big single one. Suddenly I could start looking at the different stories for what they are. Continue reading

Stories for children about the Netherlands during WWII

We follow stories. An interest in Downton Abbey got the kids and I curious about WWI. That led to my eight year old trying to talk to a friend about WWI only to discover the friend knew more about WWII and nothing about WWI. So we had to learn something about WWII. We’re slowly watching through the mini-series Winds of War, but also looking for children’s books about the war. To my surprise I found at the local library three great children’s books about WWII and the Netherlands. Two of them are picture books and one is a chapter book. Blueberries Continue reading