Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty

My six year old and I sat down the other day to read Rosie Revere, Engineer together. The story tells of a second grader who likes to gather up trash which she takes up into her hideaway to use in her inventions. She keeps her creations a secret because she’s been laughed at before, but when her great-great-aunt Rose (the Riveter) comes to visit she risks letting her aunt into the secret in order to try to fulfill her aunt’s dream. It gives an opportunity to discuss who Rosie the Riveter was and about how women took over in factories Continue reading

something that might fail: my story of raising monarchs

There is something amazingly about watching monarch butterflies. For a while we’ve been watching the caterpillars grow up on the milkweed plants outside our house. This past few days we’ve had four monarch caterpillars inside our house. I brought them inside because some sort of black death was taking many of the caterpillars outside, and I had been cutting away frantically at the leaves with dead ones, throwing them out so the contagion wouldn’t spread. These four had all just started their fifth instar, the last part of caterpillar life and they were all unfortunate enough to have part of Continue reading

creating collages as a way of practicing letting go

We’ve been making collages here recently, and I’m finding it very relaxing for the very same reason I used to find them stressful. I used to hate cutting into some old magazine. It didn’t matter how long the magazine had sat unread, I didn’t want to damage it. There would always be that possibility that at some point someone would want to read about whatever it was the article was about. Then too, there would always be the possibility that cutting out one picture destroyed the picture on the other side. That sense of destruction used to make it too Continue reading