A Logical Graph Game

We made a new logic game. In it we drew a graph using circles and lines, and throughout this blog entry when I refer to a graph I’m refering to the type of mathematical graph used in graph theory, representing objects and the links between them, though you don’t need to know anything about graph theory to play the game. These are the rules: You have to put Xs and Os into the circles and the lines told the relationship between two connected circles. If the line has a heart next to it then the connected circles had the same symbol in it. If the Continue reading

Math and Graph Games.

Yesterday the children and I taped sheets of scrap paper to the floor to create the Land of Many Ponds. I’ve linked to the game rules so you can go there and see, but the basic idea is to have three people moving around the map at different rates. One person moves from one “pond” to the next. The second person always flies over a pond and lands on the second one from him, and the third person lands only on every third pond. The three people must somehow meet up. Each pond is connected to three other ponds and Continue reading