why some parenting advice is more useful than others

Parenting advice from strangers is a bit like being told “go three blocks and turn left” by someone who knows where they want you to get but not where you are to begin with. It’s not exactly going to work. There’s a post over at Homeschooling Hatters about the blogger realizing she should have taken another safety precaution, one she didn’t because she assumed her child was too old to need it, but as the author says “Remember, with children like this? ┬áThere is no minimum age for disaster… but there isn’t a maximum, either.” She has some simple, very Continue reading

Gifted Child, Gifted Parent

A post caught my eye the other day. It is about how a gifted childhood prepared a person for parenting gifted children. It got me thinking about what aspects of my childhood helped prepare me for parenting my kids, and which makes things more complicated. I’m going to write up some of my thoughts now as part of the Gifted Parenting Blog Hop. I was a gifted child. Probably. I was definitely a bit of a weirdo, an avid bookworm and someone who saw things a little bit different. I learned to read as a way of escaping my surroundings Continue reading

Who is the “me” who needs “me time” today?

I must have looked pretty frazzled this past week because I had a couple of different people ask me if I ever get any “me time.” I quipped that I have between 9:30 – 10:00 p.m. because that is the quietest, most non-guilt intrusive time of the day but at the same time I keep thinking I get more time than that. I’m a homeschooling mom of three and social justice advocate. No one tells me what to do with my time. It’s all me time, right? Right? Who is the “me” that gets time, anyway? Too often I have Continue reading