Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty

My six year old and I sat down the other day to read Rosie Revere, Engineer together. The story tells of a second grader who likes to gather up trash which she takes up into her hideaway to use in her inventions. She keeps her creations a secret because she’s been laughed at before, but when her great-great-aunt Rose (the Riveter) comes to visit she risks letting her aunt into the secret in order to try to fulfill her aunt’s dream. It gives an opportunity to discuss who Rosie the Riveter was and about how women took over in factories Continue reading

Learning and teaching about pronouns

I’m starting to look at what I’ll do homeschooling this fall. I’m excited about starting to focus on my five year old more, and I’m wondering what he’ll be willing to learn. His older brother wasn’t much older than five when we started talking about grammar, learning what first, second and third person pronouns are, and the differences between nouns and verbs. While I know that such things might seem silly to teach, they were a fun part of my oldest’s education and I hope that my second son will enjoy learning about them too. I’m hoping to find the Continue reading