Election 2015: Stop Harper Resource List

Harper has increased the election period because he knows he can outspend other parties. That means those of us who want him out have work to do. We need to donate money to the parties and other organizations working to campaign against him. We need to volunteer for those parties and organizations. We need to help make up for the lack of funds that other parties face, either through our money or our time. Here is a quick list of some of the organizations that… well… they don’t all say straight out that they want Harper out of office but they want Harper Continue reading

Disappointment in Liberal candidate’s Negative Ad Campaign

I had respect for Andrew Olivier, candidate for the Ontario Liberal Party, going into this election, partly because of his willingness to fight the Liberal status quo for a nomination race when they were reluctant to call one, and partly because he showed up at an event in support of postal workers. As the election has continued on, I’ve become frusturated with his tendancy towards attack ads, and I suspect I’m not the only one. His so-called facts tend to be half truths and they fit too much with the petty nonsense that the local newspapers online comment sections are filled Continue reading

why I’m not supporting boycott2014

“I don’t need to spend this morning rethinking my view on violent overthrow of the government, do I?” I teased my husband as he prepared to leave for work. My morning emails included one telling me that: “Unless you unequivocally reject parliamentary politics (as 50% of people already have) you cannot even begin to think seriously about building the kind of mass movement capable of ending colonialism capitalism imperialism, and that will reflect in your organizing.” The context of that comment is my lack of support for a Revolutionary Communist Party inspired boycott of the election campaign. Despite believing that Continue reading

Tim Hudak’s “Job Plan”

It is election time in Ontario, and Tim Hudak, leader of the PC party, says he’ll produce more jobs by cutting 100,000 public sector jobs. There’s a variety of good arguments against this magical thinking. The method by which balancing the budget will lead to more jobs is obscure but seems to be focused on the idea that a balance budget will bring more confidence in the economy. Jim Stanford challenges that assumption: For example, an oft-cited belief of budget-cutters is that business investment will increase, thanks to greater “confidence” about Ontario’s “economic fundamentals.” This is far-fetched: surveys of business Continue reading