Dante Gabriel Rossetti

While reading about Christina Rossetti, I couldn’t help becoming interested in the story of her brother Dante too. Dante Gabriel Rossetti was a member of a group that jokingly referred to themselves as the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, signing PRB after their names. He was the older brother of Christina Rossetti. Named Gabriel, he choose to add the name Dante, as the Italian poet was an important part of upbringing – each of the four Rossetti siblings published something about Dante at some point in their lives. Dante fell in love with one of his models, a working class woman named Elizabeth Continue reading

Christina Rossetti – philosophical questions within her poetry & life

┬áThis is a follow-up post to the my previous post about lesson ideas based on Christina Rossetti. These are the deeper topics I found while reading about Christina, and I felt the deserved a separate page rather than be mixed in with the previous posts ideas. These are things I’ve been discussing and will continue to discuss with my children, and they are questions I wonder about in my every day life. Feminism Christina Rossetti lived during a time when politicians were concerned about the number of single women (according to William Rathbone Greg in 1851 only 57% of women Continue reading

Christina Rossetti – ideas for lesson plans and activities

Christina Rossetti is best known for her children’s poems, like “Who Has Seen the Wind?” and her poem “In the Bleak Midwinter” which is sung at Christmas time. Yet she wrote many other poems, and some short stories. She lived from 1830 to 1894. She never married but lived devoted to her family, her poetry and her religion. Bout-rimes Growing up her family wrote poetry as a game, where they would give each other rhymes with which to end the lines and then have to compose a sonnet based on it. One example of a set of end-rhymes was: “shun, Continue reading