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After a couple more days of chaos and business, I have time again to sit and think. Hurray! I think back to Sunday, and taking my children to church. I remember how my most high strung child ended up sitting between a woman he barely knows and me, and how it wasn’t until I moved to give him more space that he calmed down a bit and stopped misbehaving (as much). I think of after the seat-rearrangement my three year old reaching out to stroke her older brother’s shoulder and tell him it would be okay. There is a part Continue reading

Your Opinion of Me Is None of My Business. Except when it is.

I remember as a teenager reading the line “your opinion of me is none of my business” and really liking it. Naturally I’ve never lived up to it. I’ve always cared what others think about me, but at least it is something to strive towards. I like that line partly because it doesn’t demand that the other person’s opinion be good. It doesn’t say “don’t judge me.” The other person is free to judge, but that judgement is their business and not mine. I was at The Feminist Breeder‘s facebook page a few days ago. I shouldn’t go there. She was Continue reading