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For four days I haven’t had the energy to read anything harder than a novel or write anything at all. I was very physically active during that time, walking more than normal helping my kids rebuild their fort, and getting started on the garden. Emotionally the hard part was helping my children deal with their anger at the neighbouring children who had knocked their fort down, particularly when I was angry myself. I was angry not so much at the knocking down of the fort, but at one neighbouring child’s insistence on denying his involvement even when we had evidence he had been Continue reading

I Came From the Water – a children’s book about Haiti.

I always like to share what I’m reading with the kids, so after reading The Big Truck That Went By, I borrowed from the library I Came From the Water by Vanita Oelschlager. I Came From the Water uses very simple language and few sentences per page to describe a story of a Haiti boy, a baby during the 2004 flooding and a young child during the 2010 earthquake. The boy received his name, Moses, after being pulled from a basket in the water and he lives at the St. Helene Children’s Village. The book describes a second wave of Continue reading

Veronica Brown should not be given for adoption without her father’s consent

The story of Veronica Brown still freaks me out. Somewhere right now there’s an American man away at military training wondering whether he’ll get to see his almost four year old daughter again or whether she’ll be taken from his home where his wife is watching her. Dusten Brown definitely made mistakes. He signed a paper not understanding what it was when she was four months old, and though once it was explained to him he tried to grab it back out of the officials hands, it still has cost him. He was also too trusting, not taking into consideration Continue reading

Daisy Between a Rock and a Hard Place

 Daisy Between a Rock and a Hard Place is a short book written by Janis F. Kearney, about Daisy Bates. Daisy Bates was an activist who helped mentor the Little Rock Nine during the Integration Crisis of 1957. Nine black students had enrolled in the previously all-white school and the Arkansas National Guard was called out to prevent their entrance to the school. Daisy Between a Rock and a Hard Place is a bit of an odd book, weaving the story of civil rights activist Daisy Bates together with the stories of other people and places that entered Daisy’s life. It tells bits of Continue reading

Book Review: The Goodbye Baby: A Diary about Adoption

The Goodbye Baby: A Diary About Adoption by Elaine Pinkerton, was sent to me by a publicist. My review of the book The Aventures of Baylard Bear by Lucinda Sue Crosby had caught his attention and he wondered if I would be willing to look at another book on adoption. I said yes. Elaine Pinkerton was adopted when she was five years old. She had spent a few years with her mother and then a bit of time with relatives before becoming wards of the state and then eventually adopted. Adoption let her be a “real daughter” again instead of a burden, and was a Continue reading

Adventures of Baylard Bear and the portrayal of adoption.

I was sent a copy of The Adventures of Baylard Bear by Lucinda Sue Crosby and while the story has its cute moments it has some huge problems. Since I use books to explore life and the questions I have about life, I felt it worthwhile to go ahead and write up a review on this book, even though I do not recommend it. The story starts off with a baby bear being abandoned at an orphanage. It explains that the bear’s parents lived like other bears hunting, fishing and gathering fruit but because humans have entered the forest their way of life Continue reading

sad stories and questions arising from them

One situation I’ve been reading about online is the story of Veronica Rose, an American child just two years old. On New Years Veronica was handed over from her adoptive parents to her biological father. The details of the story are unclear. Veronica’s biological mother accuses the father of refusing to financially support her unless she marry him and so she said she had to give the child up for adoption because she couldn’t afford to raise Veronica herself. Veronica’s biological father says the biological mother cut off all contact and refused to answer his calls or communicate, so how Continue reading