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staying involved in activism while focusing on the homeschooling

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The election is over and I am trying to think again about how I can be involved in making change in the world. I would like to be involved in one of the local organizations but I cannot see that happening right now. I withdrew from the anti-poverty organization I used to be involved with some time ago because it moved in a direction I didn’t like. I am teaching minecraft math on Monday evenings and I don’t want to take more than the one evening a week away from my family. Then the kids are old enough I find I have to shelter them from the political activities because otherwise they worry. It really isn’t fair for a ten year old to worry about politics – be interested in, fine, but mine worry. So I try to shelter them, which means I cannot drag them around to meetings and protests (though I did have them help me deliver pamphlets door to door during the recent Canadian election). So I am left trying to think of things I can do on my own. It doesn’t leave much and it feels rather isolating.

For the moment is seems like my best option is letter writing. I want to work on writing more letters to the editor and more letters to politicians. Working on letter writing should help me focus my reading, so I find an issue and read up about to be able to write a coherent and hopefully somewhat persuasive letter. The most obvious starting point would be to write letters to Prime Minister Trudeau’s cabinet as soon as they are appointed. That will give me a focus for a while as I read up on the issues I want to write about. Maybe I will try to choose whichever issue it is that connects most strongly locally and put it into a letter to the editor as well, and maybe choose other issues to put into blog posts.

I wonder sometimes what the point of trying to encourage change is. Does anyone listen? Is there any point to it?

Then I heard Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, speaking on the radio the other day. She was talking about the decline in media coverage of climate change in Canada since Stephen Harper gagged federal scientists. She was sounding optimistic that we will have action on climate change now that he is out, and the interviewer was challenging her on how much Canadians care about the issue. She referenced to Canadian participation in protests over the last five years. It was kind of encouraging to hear a politician reference to protests.

Yesterday I went to church for the first time in ages. I went to a different United Church than I used to go to, and the minister there was speaking on the story of a blind man calling out to Jesus, and other people trying to hush him. (Mark 10:46-52) Then the minister spoke about the election that has happened and the need to make our voices heard between elections and to speak out. I was very pleased to hear him speak and I am taking it as another sign from the universe that I need to keep speaking out.

We need to keep talking and dreaming of what type of world we would like to see, and what types of steps could be taken to bring that world into existence. We need to keep talking about the issues that divide us and the issues that unite us.

Anyone want to join me in setting monthly goals for this kind of thing?

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