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The Sockkids Meet Lincoln

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IThe SockKids Meet Lincolnmagine socks as silly little creatures that travel through the spin cycle into other places. One little sock finds himself on the foot of President Lincoln while Lincoln gives the Gettysburg address.

I asked to be part of the blog tour for this book because I’m always looking for history stories to share with my kids. The book is listed for ages three to eight and its probably best for the younger portion. There’s a line about the appropriateness of Lincoln wearing one black and one white sock as he delivers his speech but there’s no explanation of what the speech is. It can serve to create some name recognition (“remember the story of the socks traveling – this is the president they are talking about”) but not necessarily to teach.

That said, for the younger age, this book is great fun because talking socks are fun. There is great potential for playful fun pretending to be a sock or a washing machine, wiggling and squirming and bobbing around as though in water. Slightly older kids could talk about how the different washing machines work – what would a talking sock think of the front loading eco washing machines? And the book illustrates the older wash-basin and scrub-board time washing set up!

According to the book Abraham Lincoln “treats all socks the same, no matter what they look like.” When the modern white sock ends up on Abraham Lincoln’s foot, Lincoln’s other foot asks why he looks different. “What happened to your color? Do you have a soap issue?” My kids laughed and I was glad it was the white sock that was being laughed at and seen as different (abnormal) and not the black one.

The pictures of the book are neatly done, focusing on a socks-eye view of the world, looking up at things instead of down. The pictures are very bright, cartoony and fun.

The Sock Kids have a webpage with a short sock-kid story, some discussion questions for the Sockkids Meet Lincoln book, their blog and other extras.

In exchange for posting about The Sockkids Meet Lincoln I received a free ecopy of the book and the ability to have my twitter address on the blog tour’s rafflecopter giveaway.

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