Picture shows the inside of Christy Knockleby's book A Secular Bible Study

Houseful of Chaos Press

Houseful of Chaos Press publishes books for homeschoolers, reflecting a deep love of learning and curiosity about the world. You can purchase my books direct from me at My Bookstore! Or use the links below to purchase them from Bookshop.org.

A Secular Bible Study

Explore the Bible from a secular, agnostic viewpoint. Learn about how the beliefs of the ancient Israelites and Judeans changed as their kingdoms faced attack from the Assyrians and Babylonians. During the time of the Persian empire they had another opportunity to define themselves religiously as a community with a temple but no monarchy. Ancient prophecies were interpreted in new light as times passed and circumstances changed.

The Edge of the Circle

Jessica Cincinelli’s friends decided they wanted nothing to do with her after she testified at a classmate’s trial. However, in a small town one cannot isolate oneself completely. Even homeschooling, Jessica has to face choices about how she will interact with those who have hurt her. The Edge of the Circle is a story of a homeschooler as she wrestles with questions of acceptance, forgiveness, and faith – both Christian and Wiccan.

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