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Post-Election Blues

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Well I’ll start with the good things. I am happy that the NDP is now a force to be reckoned with. We have five years for it to grow and prepare to take over as the ruling party next election. Hopefully Mr. Layton will do many, many press briefings, answering the questions that Prime Minister Harper won’t bother answering, with his limited press policy.

Now the bad news: five years with Stephen Harper as Prime Minister. This is going to be bad news in many, many ways. Over the next five years he has time to stack the Senate with even more Conservative Senators, and given the Conservatives willingness to use this unelected chamber to veto bills passed by the elected House, this is not good news. He also has time to negotiate and sign CETA, a trade agreement with Europe that is likely to allow European companies the right to take over municiple water supplies here in Canada. There is little to no chance that the Canadian government makes any serious move on climate change during this time.

So in an effort to not go totally psycho, I’m going to write about what I can do. I can offer my time this fall to the Ontario provincial NDP to try to get a provincial government that will take action on climate change and social issues. I can get busy and write more letters to the editor about social and environmental issues. We need more public discussion on a lot of topics.

I can continue to work to reduce my environmental footprint. I can plant a garden of wildflowers in my front yard to encourage bees and insects. I can continue to support the local environmental groups’ efforts in lobbying the municipal government for good policies. I can donate to organizations such as Council for Canadians or the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives that help to provide accurate information. I can stand out on street corners with people interested in Canada Uncut. I can continue to homeschool my children, giving them the very best education I can.

And I can read, and then write, and talk about social justice and the issues that matter.

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