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#PMHarperMustResign twitterstorm

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I was skeptical when I first saw the call out for people to start using the hashtag #PMHarperMustResign. Must implies the existence of some force, whether legal or moral, and there is none that Harper would recognize. Tweeting doesn’t force a person to resign. Maybe it should be #PMHarperShouldResign instead but that would make a long hashtag even longer. Or maybe just #HarperMustGo, though that lacks the implication, included in resign, that the going has to happen without waiting for another election. But someone has already started advertising the other.

As I thought about it more, I thought, hmmm, maybe it could be a good social media campaign. Maybe it can be a chance for everyone to advertise all the different reasons people should despise our current Prime Minister. Maybe there will be some humor in it. Maybe it will make it onto the news like the hashtags #inoverhishead and #Ottawapiskat did, though those both had the advantage of humor. News outlets made slide shows of screen caps of tags funny enough to coax people to flip to the next one. Will people rise to the challenge for #PMHarperMustResign?

If the hashtag does trend and/or make it into the news, could it help counter the obnoxious “Economic Action Plan” ads that the government is using our tax dollars for in order to assure us they are doing things, even when they’re not necessarily doing them (like the Jobs Training Grant program, which is being advertised even though it doesn’t exist, none of details are worked out and the key players haven’t agreed). If there was enough advertising, maybe it could help carry the same messages the website does.

Maybe it could help spur people to action, encourage them to join political parties and campaign for things like having party leaders elected by sitting MPs, so that the party leaders would have to be accountable to the MPs who are in turn accountable to the electorate. Right now a party leader can run his party into the ground with no one to stop him, and MPs are accountable only to their nominating committee and their party whips, since we recognize they have little to no say and the electorate are voting for the party rather than the individual.

Or maybe #PMHarperMustResign will just provide a little twitter entertainment on an otherwise slow twitter day.

 Edited to add: I’m still fascinated with the idea that someone must resign.  Being held in contempt of Parliament wasn’t enough to make him resign. Instead there’s a sense that winning the election after that has washed him clean of his earlier faults. It says Canadians don’t care as though whether Canadians care or not was the deciding factor. Is there a moral right and wrong that should matter, regardless of whether one could still win an election?

Many of the tweets (including my own) are about things that are not illegal but are in some way still the destruction of Canada. Or perhaps a die-hard Conservative would say the creation of a new Canada?

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