Occupy Sudbury

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Occupy Sudbury is now happening. There’s a small collection of tents, and then a stage/gazebo  has been tarped over and is being used as the main meeting room. There’s a handful of people who stay at the site all night, but most of the tents are just for show as they really don’t have enough people to have people awake in the meeting area and have other sleeping… I’ve taken my kids down there every day since it started, last Saturday. They have a tiny library, but I doubt anyone is reading from it. I took the kids down this evening. Someone was leading a free tae kwon doe class outside and in the meeting area a public health nurse was there to lead a discussion group on STDs to the ten or so homeless people and university students that were there. Tomorrow there’s going to be a native drumming circle. I’m taking my kids down there daily, trying to start up conversations with people and try to make the event more family-ish. The steelworkers union is supporting the group now, and an environmental group, and an anti-poverty group.
Bigger places might look a lot more impressive. They might talk more about the econimics. But what is happening here really is exciting. It is a mining town, but there’s a divide between those people who are pro-and against unions. There’s homelessness, and this is really bringing individuals in contact with the homeless. Things are happening. People are taking an interest.

We need to show that we’re there for all people. We’re there because 1% of the population is controlling all the wealth. They have the political power, but we’re not putting up with this anymore. We’re doing what we can. We are coming together. We are learning from one another. We are saying that people have to be the priority. The environment has to be a priority. We are challenging the notion that corporate profit is the highest good. We don’t have answers, but that’s not going to stop us from saying, things need to change, and we’ll do our best to change it.

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