My response to the news about the bombing in Boston

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Of course I feel horrible for those directly effected by the bombing in Boston, but I hate how it becomes a national tragedy. What right do we in North America have to believe that we should never be subject to violence, when it dominates so much of the world?16 people were killed by bomb and gun attacks in Somolia a few days ago. Seven civilians were killed in Afghanistan today when a roadside bomb hit a tractor. Homemade bombs were found on trains in Taiwan last Friday.Why do people let a bombing in the United States shake their confidence in humanity but accept it happening elsewhere? We can believe in the goodness of human beings only as long they only kill those we don’t identify with?

We need to be like the mother in a Buddhist tale, who upon seeking medicine for a dead child is told to bring mustard seeds from a house that has never had any death, so that having gone door to door searching for such a house she realizes that she is not alone in grieving. We are not alone or unique. Instead of saying “oh my goodness… this happened here!” we need to say “why have we not prioritized solving the problem of violence and oppression worldwide?”

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