Minecraft is an awesome program and there are plenty of ways to use it while homeschooling. It is great for writing or discussion projects, and I have a list of open-ended Minecraft questions for those willing to get their kids talking even more about minecraft.

Over the past while I’ve been working with students on practicing math skills with minecraft. You can sign up for one of my minecraft math classes with GHF Online and/or check out any of these posts I’ve written about teaching math with minecraft:

I am also willing to offer tutoring sessions on minecraft math. If you have a child struggling with a particular math concept, use my contact form and see if I can cover that concept with your child. Students will require minecraft for pc/mac, a Skype account and a microphone.

I’ve had people ask me what minecraft books I recommend. My children have enjoyed using Learn to Program with Minecraft: Transform Your World with the Power of Python.

Minecraft Math Tutoring

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