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Making a difference

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Sometimes I feel helpless in the face of all the problems of the world. Then I remind myself there’s lots I can do to make a difference. I can:

  • write a letter to the editor to try to change others thoughts on an issue and to let those who share my beliefs know they are not alone.
  • pick up garbage beside the road.
  • reach out to a friend and let them know I care.
  • encourage good discussion in a world where we don’t always think things through.
  • donate to organizations that are doing good work.
  • volunteer with organizations.
  • stand on a street corner in support of causes I care about.
  • support local businesses, artists, and writers.
  • teach my children to think critically about issues.
  • try to interact with those I disagree with and resist putting up boundaries.
  • let others know I appreciate the work they are doing.
  • buy fair-trade goods when possible.
  • plant native plants, not rake up the leaves in the autumn so that they provide a protective layer for insects hibernating.
  • write letters to politicians.
  • vote.
  • encourage others by sharing stories of people making a difference.
  • speak out about racism, xenophobia, sexism, etc.

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