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Today I am co-hosting the Home School LInk-Up with SquishableBaby.com and Unschoolingmomma.com.

Homeschool Link-UpA link up is where people can share all sorts of posts, and this one is aimed at homeschoolers, past homeschoolers, educational buffs, want to be homeschoolers, parents, and teachers.

Featured Posts

If you head over to either of the two host’s sites, you’ll find the post from last week that they’ve choosen. But I wanted to choose what posts I’d feature here. So here’s my favorites:

Wintery Science – frozen bubbles, over at P is for Preschool. This is cool, and though I haven’t had time to try it yet, I want to see what adding food coloring could do to frozen bubbles like these. There’s instructions here for making colored bubbles using ph indicators so they can be reacted and not stain, but I’m thinking with frozen bubbles in the winter maybe food coloring wouldn’t be a big problem. Maybe.

The other post that caught my eye was this beautiful one about Suncatching Watercolor Painting about painting with oil then water. Check it out!

Homeschoollinkup Affiliate ID ebook

In following the style of the link-up’s host, this is where I’m to put the promo for the #homeschoolllinkup Homeschoollinkup Affiliate ID ebook. This book provides a list of different homeschool blogs that partake in affiliate programs so that people can support the bloggers. You can ask to be added to the list by contacting lisa {at} squishablebaby {dot} com.

On to the link-up. Feel free to link up to 3 education posts. We would love to hear about educational projects, crafts, schedules, curriculum, alternative learning ideas – whatever you like that has to do with the education of our children. Feel free to be creative!

This link-up is broad for education. If you have an education related giveaway or education related deals and freebies, please link them up.

Hosting the #homeschoollinkup

 If you are interested in hosting the #homeschoollinkup for 1 week, please email Lisa – lisa {at} squishablebaby {dot} com. I won’t be hosting next week, but I will try to choose a few of my favorite posts to tweet about throughout the week.

Without further ado, it’s time to…

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