Games form an integral part of homeschooling at our house, and I’m pleased to be able to share some of the games we’ve developed with you.

Numbers and math games:Math games, language games, all sorts of fun games. These are some of the games we use in homeschooling.

  1. Preschool math games
  2. 6 simple domino games
  3. super simple math game
  4. games for learning Roman numerals
  5. cardgame for practicing multiplication and order of operation
  6. paper golf (a graph paper game)
  7. snakes (another graph paper game)
  8. jumping angle game

Logic and mathematical thinking games:

  1. endless patterning game
  2. Land of many ponds and other graph games
  3. A logical graph game
  4. Combinatorial Game Theory with Early Elementary School Aged Children
  5. Chess resources

Imaginative or literature based games:

  1. Magical sea adventures
  2. A game for making your own Wizard of Oz adventure
  3. playing with the poems of Dennis Lee
  4. prepositions with Pig Pig Meets Lion

Hints for making your own games:

  1. Homemade boardgame ideas
  2. making mathgames work with children of different ages
  3. Make your own uno cards

Games to build:

  1. Marble mazes
  2. Soma puzzles

Pure silliness:

  1. Playful disobedience


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