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Election 2015: Stop Harper Resource List

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Harper has increased the election period because he knows he can outspend other parties. That means those of us who want him out have work to do. We need to donate money to the parties and other organizations working to campaign against him. We need to volunteer for those parties and organizations. We need to help make up for the lack of funds that other parties face, either through our money or our time.

Stop Harper Resource Page

Here is a quick list of some of the organizations that… well… they don’t all say straight out that they want Harper out of office but they want Harper out of office and are trying to take action over this upcoming election. Please tell me if there are other groups that should be on this list.

  1. Friends of Public Service have a pamphlet they are distributing in swing ridings critiquing the austerity agenda. You can print off your own copies of their pamphlet to deliver or you can donate to help them with print costs in the places they are particularly targeting.
  2. Council of Canadians has their Go Vote campaign targeting youth and other non-voting Canadians. They are looking for people to sign a pledge to vote and to donate to their campaign, which offers to do creative actions in campuses and swing ridings, provide election information and do an ad campaign.
  3. Leadnow is promoting a strategic voting campaign. They are looking for people to sign a pledge to vote strategically, as well as for people to volunteer to help phone people in swing ridings.
  4. Friends of the CBC has their “We vote CBC” campaign, offering lawn signs in selected “too-close-to-call” ridings. They also have stickers available for those in any riding.
  5. has a daily election news mailing list.
  6. The Media Coop is looking to publish a special issue on the problems with austerity and wants to get hardcopies into 10,000 people’s hands. They are looking for some extra funding to pay for journalists and publishing.
  7. (Sh*t Harper Did) has their advertising campaign. I recommend visiting the site for inspiration about why we need Harper out. Please share some of the information with your friends and family through social media.
  8. Nudge’s All Together Now Campaign that has election information flyers, they are asking people to hand out.
  9. Canadian Association of Community Health Centres has posters to print out and put up.
  10. The Canadian Council of Churches has put out a document for people of faith encouraging them to ask their political candidates questions around climate justice and many other things.
  11. Operation Maple has a growing collection of ‘Reasons to Leave Steve’ that can be quickly and easily shared on social media. They also have cute and interesting videos.
  12. The Canadian Veteran’s ABC Campaign has information about the detrimental effect of the Conservative government on Canadian veterans. This is important information for sharing with Harper supporters who mistakenly believe that a vote for him helps the men and women in uniforms.

The list makes it easy to see there are things that individuals can do. We can:

  1. Put up posters.
  2. Hand out flyers.
  3. Donate money.
  4. Volunteer with a party or organization.
  5. Learn more about what Stephen Harper has done and be able to participate in conversations about why it is important he be voted out of office.
  6. Share resources on social media.

It is important to remember the limits of sharing things on social media as a means of political activism. In general social media tends to reach those who already agree with you on things. We need to do more than just share things on social media. Somehow we need to reach beyond echo chambers. We need to win this election.


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