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Dinosaurs, Genesis & the Gospel

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An image of a school test has been making the rounds on the internet and snopes has confirmed that it is not faked. The other day I saw on a homeschooler’s facebook page an advertisement for a discount code to get a free copy of the video (code “dino” though I can’t promise whether it works or not still) that the students watched prior to writing this test. I downloaded it and it is every bit as crazy as I feared.

The video is predominantly footage of a presentation done in front of a half-filled auditorium of young children, with additional animated material. I was stunned by the total lack of logic and horrible arguments. My husband not so much – “What did you expect?” he says, “that’s all they’ve got.” Still, I though they’d try to appear just a little more sensible, a little more respectful of the children and human intelligence.

They showed the children pictures of apes and said “does your grandma look like this? Does your grandpa look like this?” Of course the children giggle and reply “no….”. Nevermind that no one, anyone, ever,  is claiming that the kids’ grandparents were apes.

This the kids are encouraged to repeat out loud “I’m not an animal.” They are told to call the Bible the “history book of the Universe.”

The speaker takes a little tour through Australian animals, because really, what children don’t like Australian animals? The tour ends with emphasis on the Platypus with its bill from a duck, tail from a beaver, poison from a snake, milk from mammals, etc, etc and the question of how such a creature could possibly have evolved from all those sources. (It didn’t and no one claims it did.)

The speaker says dinosaurs is a modern name and before they were called dragons. He brings out all sorts of random things like “look at these sculptures of dragons made a couple of hundred years ago” and “hey, what’s this on the Welsh flag?” as though this had any relevance whatsoever, but hey, if they bring up enough random things about dragons they can convince kids that there’s proof of their beliefs all over the place!

And just to take his lies one step further, his guest then brings a small lizard onstage, that he claims to have captured in South America and fakes fire shooting up from the lizard’s mouth so all the kids watching can go away claiming they saw a real, live fire breathing lizard.

One argument is that fossils couldn’t have happened before Adam because death didn’t take place until after Adam sinned. The children are shown cartoon like pictures of the Adam and Eve story with a two-handed dinosaur-like serpant tempting Eve and culminating in a line about how Cain was “the first murderer – the first terrorist.”

The speaker said the stegosaurus “reminds me of students I used to teach because his brain isn’t much bigger than a walnut.” Is that an appropriate comment for a room full of children (most looked kindergarten age)? Yet in some ways the comment seems representative of the speaker’s total disdain for human intelligence. Can he really believe the twaddle he preaches, if those are the best arguments he can come up with?

After watching that show, I think, if people want to teach creationism in school, we should say yes, but it should be that show, shown to the students when they’re in highschool, combined with some classes on critical thinking skills so the students can look at the manipulation and faulty arguments.

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