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Defend Our Climate

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Defend Our ClimateToday I went to a “Defend Our Climate” rally. There are reports of protests in 130 communities across Canada today, but I take slight hope. With the Harper government praising Australia for removing their carbon tax, what hope do we have that the government will take action now? How do we defend our climate in the face of such obstinacy?

I have to take inspiration from the little things people are doing. Sudbury has a solar energy cooperative. The local food movement continues to grow and there are people locally working to prevent the splitting of local farmland into residential lots, thus protecting a necessary resource and working towards reducing our dependance upon oil for food delivery. There are others still lobbying at the federal government to try to put a carbon fee and dividend system in place. There are little things to be hopeful about, but we still need to do so much.

But I’m exhausted and have little optimism tonight.

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Do you know what your municipalities is doing to protect or allow the destruction of farmland? How much farm land would it take to support your city? Are there things that help bring you hope in the face of the reality of climate change?

Climate Rally

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  • Ahab

    I’m glad you’re concerned about environmental issues, including farmland stewardship and its relationship to food. People need to understand where their food comes from and why we need to safeguard farmland.

    In my region in the U.S., hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) for natural gas is a huge environmental issue. Has your part of Canada been targeted for fracking?

    • ChristyK

      My area of Canada hasn’t had much of the fracking debate, though lots of people are speaking up against it in support of people elsewhere, particularily the native people of New Brunswick whose attempts at stopping fracking have come under attack by the police.

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