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Conversations with Leigh Robertson and some reflections about making change in the world.

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I had a great talk with Leigh Robertson the other day. Our conversation wandered from talking about child labour as a focus for teaching children about the history of the labour movement to talking about the gig economy. Then we moved onto talking about the Danish resistence movement during WWII. It was really fun.

Leigh is an Outschool teacher. You can visit her profile to see the classes she teaches. I’m sharing the videos of our conversation here and then I’ll comment with a few of the things I found particularly interesting.

There’s a few take-aways I want to comment on. One, I appreciated what Leigh said about making change in the world. It is something I’ve struggled with. How do we make change? (I’ve written some of my thoughts on that in the past: 2011 2012, 2013, 2013, 2014)

In the context of talking about child labour, Leigh said public awareness and shopping choices matter, and that we need to have serious public discussions about such things. In the context of talking about the Danish resistance, she pointed out that much of the resistance to the Nazi’s was covert. People knew they couldn’t stop what was happening, so they would try to help just one person or to make the day just a little bit harder for the occupiers.

Too often, it is tempting to think that nothing we do matters. Too often, it is tempting to believe that our inability to stop great evil means we can’t really do anyhing about it. I appreciate the conversation with Leigh as a reminder that we can do things. Every little thing matters.

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