the internet can be overstimulating to an obsessive questioner

Sometimes I find the internet way too overstimulating. There is too much to think about on it, too many arguments I could get pulled into questioning. Even things that seem benign to most people pose weird challenges to me. For example, this morning I get up and on my facebook feed someone has posted a link to this video of little girls dancing. Comments are split with most comments cheering one child for having really “felt the music” but one commenter points out that she admires the girl on the right who tries to go ahead and follow the choreography Continue reading

Homemade Rocket Ship – a post by my five year old child.

Hello! It’s Christy’s second child back again to write another post. Today I’m writing about a fake spaceship I built. We use craft stuff to build the rocket. Only two people can fit in it.  It has an egg carton in it and there are two boxes, one green and one blue. The green one is the one I sit in. It is the engineering area. It has a control panel, as does the steering room. The engineering also has some tape in it. We also use tape to bond them together. The other one is the one my older Continue reading

Veronica Brown should not be given for adoption without her father’s consent

The story of Veronica Brown still freaks me out. Somewhere right now there’s an American man away at military training wondering whether he’ll get to see his almost four year old daughter again or whether she’ll be taken from his home where his wife is watching her. Dusten Brown definitely made mistakes. He signed a paper not understanding what it was when she was four months old, and though once it was explained to him he tried to grab it back out of the officials hands, it still has cost him. He was also too trusting, not taking into consideration Continue reading

reflecting on Quebec’s bill for end of life care and doctor-assisted suicide

Quebec introduced Bill 52, which would allow doctor-assisted suicide on June 12th, so it seems a relevant time to be reading, thinking and talking about the topic. Sarah Jones BSc, MBHL, JD, writes in the Globe and Mail that right now that doctors can administer lethal doses of medication but only for the intent of easing pain: In 1992, the Supreme Court found that the removal of life-support (deliberately ending the life of a patient) was not murder because the underlying illness killed the patient, not the physician. The next year, Sue Rodriguez pled for help committing suicide. A slim majority Continue reading

Dinosaurs, Genesis & the Gospel

An image of a school test has been making the rounds on the internet and snopes has confirmed that it is not faked. The other day I saw on a homeschooler’s facebook page an advertisement for a discount code to get a free copy of the video (code “dino” though I can’t promise whether it works or not still) that the students watched prior to writing this test. I downloaded it and it is every bit as crazy as I feared. The video is predominantly footage of a presentation done in front of a half-filled auditorium of young children, with additional animated material. Continue reading

Video of the Sudbury Voices Event

This is a video that was taken of me speaking at the Sudbury Voices event, put on by the Sudbury Grassroots Media Coop. I was asked to speak about values I’d like to see more of within our community. Related posts: Twitterstorm for an Emergency Homeless Shelter in Sudbury Occupy Sudbury Sudbury’s fight against the municipal replacement for CSUMB security crackdown at city hall in Sudbury, Ontario.

My five year old asked if he could write a blog post.

Hi! This blog post is mine. I’m Christy’s five year old son. I found boronite outside in the front yard. I brought it inside. I taped paper onto it so that I could see it when it fell becuase it would be harder to see it if I dropped it otherwise. I know a lot of stuff. I also know about good computer games. One is minecraft. In minecraft creepers take one look at ocelots/cats and run. Another program is for making games. It is basically a computer program and it is called Scratch. One scratch game I’m going to make is Continue reading

Celebrating my two year old…

I feel so lucky right now to have a two year old in my house and to be able to watch again the strange process of a child becoming fluent at speach. We can watch her mind at work. The other day I was looking at a picture on the computer and she came and named one of her brothers, asking if it was him. I said no, so she named the other brother. I said no again, and she said, “boy.” She did not know him so she had moved from the specific to the general. She pretends to read books, Continue reading

Homeschooling and Other Thoughts on a Quiet Morning.

I’ve been stumped on what to write recently. I worry writing about politics and social justice issues is too depressing. I consider writing about homeschooling, but we haven’t been doing any particularly creative projects recently, just plugging along at the basics. There are a million funny wonderful moments I wish I could share with people but don’t for fear of intruding too much upon my children’s privacy. I will share just a little of those silly moments. One of my sons said the other day that he hates poetry. I don’t for a moment believe it is true, but what I found cute Continue reading