Social Skills & Minecraft

Multiplayer Minecraft poses another way students can learn social skills.

Minecraft Servers can be great fun but also challenging. Children can befriend others and have really good experiences, but they can also have times where they end up fighting. How problems on a server are dealt with will depend partly on what the server norms are. Different servers have different customs. In some servers “everything goes” and people can take what they want from others, and can keep only what they can hide. In other servers areas are protected by plugins that allow players to restrict others access to their creations and chests. In other servers players are urged to just Continue reading

My Minecraft Classes

I’ve had some people asking recently what my Minecraft classes look like. What do we do in them? What are they like? So I made a little video to explain more about them. My longer Minecraft classes (Minecraft Math and Minecraft Shakespeare) are taught with Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Online. My shorter Minecraft classes (Minecraft Geography, Minecraft Grammar or Beginner Minecraft) are taught with   Related posts: my experience and plans teaching with Minecraft Cobblestone Academy My son is proud of how I’m learning with Minecraft, and so am I Minecraft Math: power rails

Cobblestone Academy

Registration for Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Online fall 2017 classes will be starting on May 1st. I’m very excited. This next year will be my fourth year teaching with GHFO! For the last two years I’ve been using the same Minecraft server for the classes, and while I’ve added maps to the server during that time, I haven’t removed the one we started with. It’s a choatic terrain filled with all sorts of things my students have created over the time, and for me, filled with memories of all the awesome students I’ve been lucky enough to teach. Of course since we’re in Minecraft we Continue reading

My son is proud of how I’m learning with Minecraft, and so am I

Today I found myself writing an email about why I recommend people buy Minecraft for PC/Mac. The reason I recommend it is that Minecraft is a game that can grow with a person. It’s easy enough for a small child but complicated enough that even an adult can continue learning with it. My six year old can build and play on it. She greets others on my multiplayer server with the few words she knows how to type and she makes a huge effort to read what others type back to her.  My older children have been learning about mods Continue reading

More fun, easy ways to do math with Minecraft

  The other day on Minecraft my children and I were exploring how to build tunnels quicker. One way of doing this is to use the fill command. Often using fill or clone we can look at the two opposite corners of the rectangular prism we are planning on filling or cloning, and record the coordinates. In building a tunnel we can only look at the coordinates of what will be the entrance to the tunnel, and then we have to imagine how far back we want the tunnel to go and figure out which coordinate we need to change Continue reading