Year End Review

The school year in Canada stretches for a few more weeks, but we’re ready for summer here. The two children I’m homeschooling are doing just our minimal amount of schoolwork for the day, and my one remaining child in school is wishing and dreaming of summer holidays. I’m thinking over the schoolwork and other projects we did this year, and wondering that never-ending question – is it enough? Did we do enough? Did we make good use of this year? This year my six year old learned to read. She learned to count, to add and subtract. Yes, she was Continue reading

being wrong, accepting criticism and imperfection

“No, friendship is NOT about ‘supporting your friends even when you know they’re wrong.” That’s not friendship. That’s being an enabler. That’s being an accomplice. Friendship is loving someone enough to tell them to stop being an idiot before they ruin their lives.” I saw a text-in-a-box thing on facebook today with that text. I read it, re-read it, and thought about a time when I acted as an enabler, supporting someone as she got back together with an abuser, and how I wish I had handled it differently. I had been so scared she’d stop talking to me that Continue reading

Searching for Hope

Today I went with others to dance outside a politician’s office. We were there to say thank you to representatives of one politician whose party has taken a stance against the Keystone Pipeline but we were there as a media stunt to help raise awareness of the issue. I took my kids. It was a small thing, but it was something. There are Occupy Together protests going on everywhere. I cringe at the name because to me “occupy” suggests taking land that does not belong to one. Occupying is what Israel is doing to the West Bank. Occupying is what Continue reading

Post-Election Blues

Well I’ll start with the good things. I am happy that the NDP is now a force to be reckoned with. We have five years for it to grow and prepare to take over as the ruling party next election. Hopefully Mr. Layton will do many, many press briefings, answering the questions that Prime Minister Harper won’t bother answering, with his limited press policy. Now the bad news: five years with Stephen Harper as Prime Minister. This is going to be bad news in many, many ways. Over the next five years he has time to stack the Senate with Continue reading

I’m going to try to do this…

I’m going to try this. I’m going to try to share some thoughts on a public blog. If I get up the energy and strength to do this, I’ll probably cover such topics as:– locally grown, homemade food– homeschooling– questions around what love is and love in action– redefining what normal is– building community as a time-pressed shy person– finding hope, given the ongoing destruction of the environment– reducing my environmental footprint– political activism, environmentalism, etc.– and whatever else comes to my mind….. Related posts: Twitterstorm for an Emergency Homeless Shelter in Sudbury #PMHarperMustResign twitterstorm trying to understand yesterday Tim Continue reading