Truth Time: School or homeschooling?

It has been a year of transitions here. All three of my children went to school for the first time in September but only one is still registered there. My oldest returned to homeschooling after only a month at school and my youngest returned to homeschooling after Christmas. You can read about the decision to send them to school here and about bringing my oldest home here. It has been a very strange year with so many transitions. Sending the kids to school and then bringing them home again forced me to confront the serious questions about why we were Continue reading

sometimes staying home is better than the extracurriculars

As a homeschooler, I’ve felt at times like I’m a bit of a failure as far as extracurricular activities go. I hear people talk about how they provide socialization and the chance to follow one’s passions. We’ve had varying degrees of success at different activities, but most of the various activities we’ve signed the kids up for have involved us herding them into the car against their wills. I’ve tried to look at the extracurriculars from my kids points of view. They end up being dragged away from things they like doing. I’ve tried to encourage them to make friends, but Continue reading

why we need to listen to children’s perceptions of bullying

Bullies' words are not like water. They don't always bounce off a child. It is up to the adults to listen to how the child perceived the bullying, and help the child find a safe way to understand it.

“Sometimes,” my child said to me, “it is easier to think of the other person as a jerk.” He had been excited about a summer day camp that promised kayaking and archery, but after a day and a half the toll of dealing with bullies was too much. His head was hurting all the time and he was angry and confused. As an extremely thoughtful, sensitive child the bullying raised questions for him about what his place in the world was, how to balance his desire not to see others in pain with his need to protect himself, and whether Continue reading

saying `gifted` is never just one thing.

The Gifted Homeschoolers Forum blog hop for this month is titled “How do you say ‘gifted’?”  I will admit that despite having been part of the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum community for a couple of years now, it is still hard for me to say the word “gifted.” There is an element in which it is easier to say a child is gifted if one can qualify it by talking about the challenges that giftedness brings. Giftedness does bring lots of challenges. Celi at Crushing Tall Poppies talks a bit about some of those challenges in her post “My Child is Gifted: Continue reading