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    Living and Homeschooling with Depression

    The past month has been really hard here, as I know it has for a lot of people. For about almost two weeks I could feel myself sinking into tunnel vision. I could go through my routines, help the kids with their schoolwork and teach my classes, but I couldn’t do anything more than that. I barely even read anything. I napped lots. Mental health problems are like weather conditions for me. It used to scare me, when after a period of time doing well mentally, I would feel myself sinking back into depression. Now it doesn’t bother me as much. I know how to handle things. I know I…

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    Being True to Oneself – and the cycle of depression

    I’m noticing something about the cycles of how I run my life…. Reaching Out I have times where I’m feeling more confident in who I am and I reach out to others and try to interact. I book to do interviews online or I make coffee dates with friends. I comment more on Facebook. I write more. I talk more. For a while the reaching out ends up boosting my confidence. I like that I reach out. I like that I’m trying to interact with the world. I like who I am and I want to share that self with the world. However, the more I let myself be myself,…

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    Learning to Have Boundaries

    “Take the high ground. Be nice about things…” “Recognize she’s just having a bad day…” “Recognize he just has poor social skills…” “Remember they’re just jealous and insecure, and that’s why they act that way…” These were all things I was taught. In fact, my dad using one of these phrases again just today in a discussion about how to handle a situation. My son jumped into the conversation. “No, that’s how you end up messed up and hating yourself…” My son had a point. See all the good advice about loving others, assuming that they have the best intentions and caring for them can end up really leaving a…

  • Two dwarf hamsters were in my hand.
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    Letting Myself Off the Hamster Wheel

    As a homeschooling mom, one of my goals it to ensure that my kids don’t think their worth comes from how many projects they do or how much schoolwork. It doesn’t come from how many books they read or how many friends they have. Recently, I’ve been realizing that goal has to apply to myself as well. One of the easiest things for me to do is to slide into believing my worth comes from what others think of me. No, that isn’t quite true. I slide into believing that my worth comes from what I assume others think of me. I start thinking my value comes from how much…