Card Paper Castles!

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Castles! It’s totally independent of our recent reading about medieval history, but I’ve started to get interested in making cardpaper castles. It started with a simple cardpaper cut-out card, which I made and painted. (The trees and grass were separately painted and then glued on, and this card got a little bent up before I was able to photograph it.)Cardpaper castle

Doing one card just made me curious about what variations I could do. My second card was given to one of my sons to decorate. It was the same simple cut out design, done using an art-knife of a cutting board, and glued against a second piece of card-paper, this time a blue background piece. If I do it again I’ll do blue for the front and clue a white piece for the background and cut holes in the sky for clouds to show through.Cardpaper castle with a sea monster in the moat

By this point my boys were expressing interest in a castle they could balance lego men on, so I made yet another, and this time I put little fold down squares The ones in the front and back were attached to both sides of the card but creased so that they would fold down when the card was closed. The squares in the left and right corners are attached just to the background and not the old-out part. My six year old decorated this one.Cardpaper castle as a setting for lego men.

The next question was could I do one that stood up independently and had a roof over the whole thing? I could. Using one piece of cardpaper I cut out a “castle-edged” strip which I then folded into fourths, each side having a little tab which could be glued onto another card. That was the basic walls. For the roof, I cut two pieces. Each piece had a triangle the size of half the roof, plus two tags to join onto the walls, plus a tag half the length of the hypotenuse to catch onto the other triangle piece when the roof building was opened.A different cardpaper castle design Although each of the four sides has a flap that could be attached to the base, to allow the base to fold up I attached only two sides, at 45 degree angles to the crease in the base. Again, this is a really bad picture of a prototype.. there’s lots of work that could be done to make it flatter, but I’m doing this with a three year old basically clinging to one side of me, so I’m pleased with the results I could get.

Next step: figuring out how to do a pop-up dragon to go with the castle.



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