Canadian Homeschool Conference 2021 Offers

Welcome! My name is Christy Knockleby. I am a homeschooling mother, author, and obsessive bookworm. I’m the type of person who gets interested in something and then spends multiple years reading everything I can get my hands on about the topic, sharing random details about the topic with everyone I meet. You can follow my Facebook page to share in the fun.

I teach online classes through Outschool. I have a variety of short courses on history, mythology and looking at the Bible from a secular academic perspective. To celebrate the Canadian Homeschool Conference I am offering a discount code on my Outschool classes starting February and March. Some conditions apply. Sign up to my mailing list for more information.

I also teach classes through ThinkersMeetup, a British program. Through ThinkersMeetup, I will be teaching a course on Minecraft, math and redstone starting on February 22nd.

I have published two books, available online through various bookstores including my own little bookstore here:

  • A Secular Bible Study is a guide for homeschoolers who want to look at the Bible as a work of literature from an ancient time.
  • The Edge of the Circle is a novel about homeschooling teenagers in Alberta, exploring Shakespeare, forgiveness and Wicca.

Sign up to my mailing list for special offers. Choose which offers you’d like.

  1. Minecraft and Binary worksheet.
  2. an excerpt from my secular Bible study.
  3. Special discount for my Outschool classes.

All these freebies will be sent to you on February 11th.