Homemade Rocket Ship – a post by my five year old child.

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Hello! It’s Christy’s second child back again to write another post. Today I’m writing about a fake spaceship I built. We use craft stuff to build the rocket. Only two people can fit in it.  homemade rocket ship

It has an egg carton in it and there are two boxes, one green and one blue. The green one is the one I sit in. It is the engineering area. It has a control panel, as does the steering room. The engineering also has some tape in it. We also use tape to bond them together. The other one is the one my older brother sits in. My younger sister thinks she sits in one too.

homemade rocket ship control panel - by a five year old child.There is an extra pump that lets us speed up our engine. There is a fake gas container too that we are pretending is attached to the extrea pump. Both the control panels have landing engines in them. Without the landing engines we’d just crash.homemade rocketship engine and gas tank.

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