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Blogging is like having a one-way window pointing in. You can look in at me, but all I can see is my reflection.  Who is reading this?

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  • christyk

    The dashboard statistics say that there have been 208 pageviews today. 30 of these were for Another Week Homeschooling. 19 were for the post titled “Homeschooling Weekly Round-Up Post” which I’m pretty sure gets traffic only because people are searching for a linky-thing of that name by mistake (the linky-thing is named “Homeschooling Weekly Wrap-Up” but people get confused.) 15 pageviews were for the Homemade Boardgame Ideas post, which has always been one of the most frequently visited posts. There have been over 5000 pageviews in March (a new high record for me).

  • clarbojahn

    I often read your posts. I skim them and then go slower if it is something I want to relish. I sent your blog on to a friend of mine who is homeschooling her son. I like how you often talk about incorporating lessons in the home with science or social studies or math.

    I also like getting your views on issues. I like what you say most of the time. Thanks so much for sharing your self in this way. 🙂

  • Doreen

    Hi Christy,
    I often pop in to read your posts and enjoy them very much. I’ve just read your Monday post regarding prisoners being treated better than the elderly and am glad to see you questioning it. When it appeared on my FB page awhile back, I had a debate with 2 friends, both of whom had bad experiences with their parents’ care, while I’ve had good experiences dealing with prisoners (my husband just retired from many years as a prison chaplain).

    Best wishes to you and your family,
    (Cousin) Doreen Tall Pellissier

    • Doreen

      Doing very well, thanks! You were a very little girl (who twisted her hair!) when I last saw you, but we were in touch when I first started searching family tree info – 10 years later, I’m still doing that! Congrats on your lovely family!

  • Renee C.

    Hi Christy, I often read your posts as well, especially when I’m drawn in by the title. They are not all necessarily relevant to me, but I like to read the ones that are – especially the ones having to do with social justice. That being said, it’s also been a couple of busy months!

    Oh, another thing is that you have captcha (as I went to publish this comment). I can tell you that having captcha will turn some people away. There is a way to remove it, but I don’t know how – I’m not with Blogger. 🙂

    • christyk

      Renee – thanks for pointing out about the captcha. I’ll see what I can do to turn that off.

      I hope your busy months have been fun. I’d noticed your ‘away’ notice on your blog.

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