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“500 climate change denying scientists” – yeah, no.

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I’ve been bothering to engage with some of the climate change deniers on the Sudbury Star’s Facebook page. They link to a Brietbart article saying that there’s over 500 scientists that are petitioning the UN to say there’s no climate crisis. I start looking up the scientists who signed the letter. I’m going through the top names, the ones who started the petition.

From Wikipedia: “Guus Berkhout (born 1940) is a Dutch engineer. He has worked for Shell in the oil- and gas industry and served as professor of acoustics, geophysics and innovation management at Delft University of Technology between 1976 and 2007. From 2000 to 2002 he was chair of a commission dealing with projected sound norms at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, from which he resigned after feeling the commission’s independence was undermined by the Ministry for Transport and Water Management.”

Reynald Du Berger – Has a Bachelors degree in Geological Engineering, a masters is Geophysics and a P.Engineering. His research was applied seismology and groundwater geophysics.

The next person seems to be a New Zealand Winegrower whose Linked in profile lists three years at Sacred Heart College as his only education, so it’s hard to picture him being a climate specialist.

Viv Forbes “has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.”

Jeffery Foss works at the University of Victoria Department of Philosophy.
Morten Jodal is a biologist and chemist, apparently an expert on mushrooms.

Richard Lindzen is the first one in the group I’ve managed to find that actually has a background in meteorology and atmospheric tides! It does seem like he and the Koch brother’s founded Cato institute, where he was previously associated, have recently broken ties.

Jim O’Brien is an “Corporate Social Responsibility / Energy Consultant” retired form 39 years in the building materials sector.

Monckton of Brenchley is a politician and journalist.

Fritz Vanhrenholt is a chemist. He worked at the German environmental protection agency, then joined the board of the German subsidiary of Shell. He was CEO of a wind turbine company and then an electric power company. He’s a board member of the Arubus copper company.

Benoît Rittaud is a French mathematician.

Alberto Prestininzi is a professor of applied geology.

People see headlines like “Over 500 Scientists say there is no climate emergency” and believe that these are all climate scientists.  They are not. Many of them are involved in the extraction industry. This doesn’t prove that their arguments or research is wrong, but the headlines and the letter aren’t about their actual research. The headlines aren’t “climate scientists provide new evidence that man-made climate change isn’t real.” The headlines are that there are 500 scientists who disagree with the climate emergency. They are relying not on their research but on their titles as scientists to cast doubt on the idea of climate change.

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